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Classified Scripts Overview 

iAuto: auto classifieds software   Buy Now   Features   Demo   Trial   Pricing/Editions
Auto Classified Software Overview

iAuto Car Classified Script is the perfect auto software for building advanced vehicle classified websites. Our iAuto directory software is built to highlight features, search, and efficiently advertise cars, bikes, boats, aircraft, RVs, and trucks.

iAuto works like a magic wand for car dealers. Once set up, its main job is to showcase dealer inventories, and serve as an online extension for their businesses. One of many cool features is to import car listings in bulk using XML/CSV/XLS feeds or files provided by other dealers or dealer inventory management service providers.

iAuto helps web developers meet their clients’ project requirements quickly and easily. With several themes built-in, hundreds of features available, and customizable templates, code, and functionality.

iAuto classified script is truly multilingual, with added RTL (Right To Left) language support for those reading and writing in Arabic, Hebrew or Farsi.

Website owners would appreciate the ability of installing a car classified section to their existing websites, or building the entire website with an advanced iAuto CMS. They can capitalize on the growing trend of car sales worldwide by either selling their own cars, and/or letting others do business on their Auto website!

 iRealty: Real Estate Classifieds Script  Buy Now   Features   Demo   Trial   Pricing/Editions
 Real Estate Classified Script Overview

iRealty Real estate script is a perfect virtual “open house” for realtors and house-hunters. The realty php classifieds is packed with features and options, yet the software itself is both intuitive and straightforward.

iRealty property directory software incorporates an ever so popular MySQL database, and a proprietary content management system (CMS). Integrated payment gateways (2CO, PayPal,, SEO-friendly functionality, and full support of multiple languages are just a handful of the amazing features our property classified script offers.

iRealty Classified Script is ideal for local area real estate websites, international realty portals, trendy For-Sale-By-Owner communities, or property/land lease projects. The property availability calendar makes our real estate script a perfect choice for time-share property management, small hotels, and B&B facilities.

RTL (right-to-left) multi-language options are ideal for those aiming to venture into booming Middle Eastern property markets to reap the benefits from the oil money flowing aplenty.

 iLister: General Listing Software  Buy Now   Features   Demo   Trial   Pricing/Editions
 Classified Script Overview

iLister php directory software is unique in its ability to handle a wide variety of content. This truly versatile classified software is your best choice for creating an SEO-friendly classified website to sell anything. And we actually mean anything, from cars, airplanes, and houses to watches, pets, software scripts, and even works of art, or all of the above on a single portal.

In case you need to run a business directory website, iLister is a perfect tool for that, and many of our customers show extremely successful cases of using it as a directory tool much like a local or regional Yellow Pages equivalent.

However, the huge diversity of content does not make this software confusing, as each category of listings can be broken down into subcategories, and then into further subcategories. You have full control over the front-end features via the user-friendly admin back-end interface.

iLister Pets - Pet Script  Buy Now   Features   Demo   Trial   Pricing/Editions
Animal Script

iLister Pets Script is a great tool for creating an online pet shop, or an animal shelter project, where you can display many different kinds of pets, animal care products, as well as related professional services.

iLister Pets classifieds website software provides a wealth of information related to pets, including animal shelters, local news and event announcements, addresses of dog kennels or horse stables, and so forth.

You do not have to be a professional web developer to create an iLister Pets website. All pet categories and services are already in the database.

All you need to do is get a license (we’ll even install it free of charge), log in, modify the necessary categories, set ad pricing, and start advertising your online pet business in your local community.

Bike Software  Buy Now   Features   Demo   Trial   Pricing/Editions
Motorcycle Software

iAuto Bikes Software is an offshoot of the famous iAuto Classified script. Inheriting all the features of iAuto, iAuto Bikes is uniquely designed to handle the growing motorcycle, scooter, and bicycle market niches.

Whether you are in Asia, Africa, or Europe, getting your online bike or bicycle business going won't require much effort on your part. The customer base is already there for you where you live; you just have to tap into it!

Web developers, we have already done all the work for you. Simply change the header, your customer’s logo, tweak the color scheme via CSS, and you are ready to bill your customer and start a new project.

 iLister Heavy Machinery Logo  Buy Now   Features   Demo   Trial   Pricing/Editions
 iLister Heavy Machinery

iLister Heavy Machinery is an all-in-one solution for heavy machinery vendors and dealers across a wide range of industries.

An extensive database of common heavy machinery types, makes, and models is already built in, complete with unique sets of custom fields for each of the categories and sub-categories.

Invite dealers and vendors and let them showcase entire product lines from famous companies across the industries. iLister HM is also ideal for a single-industry application.
This one-of-a-kind industrial business directory software is the best choice you can make to get your business ahead of the competition in no time!


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"I want to really thank you for the work you have done. You have to know that in France to customize a website like you did can take several months (Without snow on road, french strike, Vulcano from iceland, etc...). thank you again."

M. Varnewyck


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