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iAuto: SEO-Friendly Auto Classifieds Script 

iAuto: Auto Classifieds Script


What is it? iAuto: Automobile Classifieds Software is the best one-size-fits-all solution for any car dealer looking to bring their business online. Create infinite pages for both paid and free listings, easily modify data fields, and customize your services to suit your needs. This PHP based classifieds system and inventory software is endlessly customizable and easy to maintain.

Make your site the best fit for you. iAuto is an auto classifieds listing software that you have complete control over. Use one of our beautiful modern built-in themes and customize it with your logo and style, or design your own style simply and easily via HTML, CSS, and PHP!

Want to make your site more visible? iAuto comes with SEO tools and social networking features right out of the box to bring your website to the top of search result lists with no hassle.

Looking to generate more revenue from your site? look no further! iAuto has a number of tools for increasing site revenue. Allow users to pay for featured or sponsored listings, host ads through our Banner Management Add-on, and create paid subscriptions for car dealerships.

Get the most functionality and performance possible. iAuto also supports many free and paid add-ons, both direct from WorksForWeb and other third party companies to enhance functionality and ensure your website is a perfect fit for your business. You can even create your own modules to suit your individual needs best.

For more information on iAuto, please feel free to browse our website, or contact our sales experts. Showcase your business’s  full potential with iAuto’s today!



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Standard Edition Licenses


Special Edition License


Standard Edition licenses are ideal for first-time buyers and large projects. All Standard licenses include free support for 6 months, unbranding, installation, and lifetime upgrades.

In addition to the standalone Standard Edition license that comes with all free addons, there are feature-added packs available.

Standard Edition Essential Pack includes several key paid addons. 

Standard Edition Ultimate Pack is the most comprehensive package that includes the license and all paid addons on the date of issue.


Special Edition license is a much cheaper alternative to all-inclusive packages provided as part of the Standard Edition licenses.

If you are on a tight budget, or trying to keep your initial costs as low as possible, the Special Edition is your choice.

However, the total cost of ownership of the Special Edition license of the iAuto automobile classifieds script is higher, as all optional services are sold separately. For long-term projects, we do recommend purchasing Standard Edition licenses.

Great volume discounts are available.

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Languages Available for Car Classified Software:

English - defaultArabic (العربية)Bulgarian (Български)Croatian (Hrvatski)French (Français)German (Deutsch)Norwegian (Norsk)Portuguese (Portugues)Romanian (Romană)Russian (Русский)Serbian (Српски)Spanish (Español)

Support for RTL (Right To Left) languages (Arabic writing system, Persian and Hebrew alphabets) is available by adding RTL themes (available for both front end and the admin sections). Get more info on RTL themes available for Auto classifieds website software by WorksForWeb by contacting our Sales managers.

Language files are provided free of charge and are compiled by our customers. Consequently, we cannot guarantee the completeness or correctness of the translations, and are providing them on an as-is basis. You can easily refine the translations via our online interface.




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"The customization side has been perfect. The work was completed far before expected which was very convenient and the work was completed as aked. The customization department is wonderful to work with."

Jared L.


Listing Comparison feature is used to compare listings based on all parameters stored in the database for the listings.

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