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iAuto: Car and Auto Dealer Website Software - Live Demo

Welcome to the iAuto: Car and Auto Classifieds Software online demo!

Online demo is designed to display a working copy of iAuto, including its front end capabilities, admin backend, and a mobile website. You can test it in action, play with it to see if it works fine for you. Read ahead and discover how easy it is to run your online car dealership business and manage auto sales with iAuto!

This demo contains the latest version of our PHP car classifieds script. A live demo database is reinstalled every hour to refresh any changes made by users in the previous hour.

This is an automatic job. In the event that you notice that any of the advertised features are missing or working improperly, please come back again in one hour, after the installation has been refreshed. If you have any questions, please let our Sales team know by sending us an email or opening a sales ticket. 

iAuto Front End Demo

This demo shows you what users will see when they view your car dealership website. iAuto comes equipped with all three themes below. You can turn them on or off in the admin area. Please try out all of the available themes and discover which one is best for you (and keep the other two handy)!

Responsive Theme

Tabs Blue Theme

Grey Theme

iAuto Tabs Blue Theme
 iAuto-Boats Front End Demo


This is a demo of the iAuto Boats mod. This is a modification of the original product designed for creating outstanding online catalogs of boats, ships, or any other vessels.

iAuto Mobile Front End Demo


Feel free to preview the iAuto front end for mobile devices, an available add-on that has been installed on our demo website.

The mobile version of iAuto presents all of the data of the regular website in a format optimized for iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry and other mobile devices.

Click here for more info on the Mobile Frontend Add-on!

iAuto Android Application Demo

The Android Application allows your clients operate with your classifieds website using android smartphone.

Check out our Android App page.

Try FOR FREE your future app and check how it is working. Download it from Google Play

Admin Backend Demo

 Here you can test features of the administrative area of our auto classifieds software, such as car inventory management.

Please use the following login details:

Username: demo

Password: demo

Please note that seveal functions in the Admin Panel have been disabled for security reasons.


If you have any questions about our Auto Classifieds Script, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

  • Send us an email and one of our sales representatives will get back to you ASAP!
  • Chat live with one of our sales representatives


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Our classifieds scripts provide functionality to automatically extend user's contracts (subscription) and user's listings if user credit balance permits.

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