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Hosted Edition of the PHP Car Script

iAuto Hosted Edition allows you to use PHP Car Script without setting up and maintaining your own hosting environment. It is a perfect way to have your own vehicle classifieds website for a small monthly fee.

We have recently discontinued to offer the iAuto Hosted Edition service to new customers.

However, to cater for the demand for this service, we have made an agreement with DeltaForce Technologies, our long-term US -based partner in Worksforweb product integration. Please refer to the following page for details, pricing and contact information.


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"When I decided to run an automobile listing website, and Real estates listing website I searched all scripts in the market to find theses features: easy to use, support many languages, well designed, no bugs, tested, and SEO friendly that's why I have chosen iRealty and iAuto.

When I bought the scripts and running them I discovered that I'm lucky for choosing these scripts, because I found that every feature they mention is available and the most important to me that they have great customer care they are always ready to help.

I recommend using iRealty and iAuto because you will deal with honest company, they know what to do, they help and they mean what they say. "

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The CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Humans and Computers Apart) is used in our products to ensure a human is using the form and protects the system from automated message dispatch and registrations (SPAM users and messages).

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