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Free Language Files for Automobile Software

WorksForWeb Automobile Software has the following front end language files:


  English - default  Arabic (العربية)
Bulgarian (Български) Croatian (Hrvatski)
French (Français) German (Deutsch)
Italian (Italiano) Norwegian (Norsk)
Portuguese (Portugues) Romanian (Romană)
Russian (Русский) Serbian (Српски)  Serbian (Српски)
Spanish (Español)    

Other languages are continuously added to the above list. All lang files presented at the page are provided by our clients who translated the software to their natural language. Language files can be obtained free of charge on an “as is” basis. WorksForWeb doesn’t guarantee the completeness, correctness of the lang files.

Any further modifications of such files should be performed by the user. At this time, any translations and language files are provided to existing iAuto Automobile Software customers only upon the request.

Instructions on how to use language files

  1. Request the language file from the Sales Dept by opening a sales ticket and providing your installation url and your proof of purchase (2CO order number).
  2. Extract the file from the .zip archive.
  3. Go to
  4. Admin Panel will be displayed at the screen. Find the “Language Management” section and click “Manage Languages”. “Language Management” panel will be displayed.
  5. Click “Add a New Language” link. Enter the information required into the fields of the form and click “Add” button.
  6. You are back to the “Manage Languages” section. Find the language you added in the list. Click “EDIT” button next to the language title.
  7. Click “Import translations” button located under the form. “Import Language” section is opened. Here you can click “Browse” button and choose the language file from the place where you extracted it.
  8. Click “Import” button to carry out the import.


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"Great job with v.5! Quick bugfix release speed. So far, having played with it for a while, think iAuto is well worth the money I paid for the Standard. The Special Edition had looked nice to start with, but after doing some math I figured the Special is a money drain. Minuscule savings up front and then 99 bucks a year just for upgrades, the unbranding sold separately, etc. Makes a lot more sense to get the all-inclusive Standard version. As far as features and capabilities, iAuto has most of what I needed to start my project.

Absolutely love the credits and all the options that credits can buy like highlight, Sold sign, automatic renewal… Their support guys worked hard to win me while I was trying their product and keep me after I did buy them. Will I recommend iAuto? Absolutely!"



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