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Support Service

We are proud to offer our customers quality and responsive technical support because we intend to help you establish and run your successful online business. Our staff will gladly assist you in deploying, maintaining, and developing your Auto Classifieds Script/ Real Estate Script/ iLister Classified Script - based website.

Our support is free for the first six months after you purchased Standard Edition of any of our products, and it is only $49.00 per month afterwards. You may order support for your Special Edition copy for only $49.00/month.

Please note that the Technical Support Service is provided in English language only.

Please browse our Knowledgebase section for answers to the most common questions first. If you haven't found an answer, please open a support ticket (please read the Support Requests bit below first), and we will promptly respond to your inquiries. 

What tech support includes 

Things that are part of tech support services:

  • bug fixes
  • upgrades to default packages (default upgrade does not preserve any custom changes in templates and/or functionality that have so far been made to your website)
  • minor code modifications (tasks that take less than half an hour to complete)
  • minor template modifications (tasks that take less than half an hour to complete)
  • assessment of customization requests
  • minor technical recommendations and assistance. For example, answers to questions such as "How to make this text bold" or "How to add a link here" or "How to enable user email verification" etc. Such recommendations do not include or require our interference with the code or templates 

Assisting customers in implementing code customizations, particularly, providing info on how to implement this feature, or that function, is only limited to minor or general-purpose recommendations. More specific requests are considered customizations that are charged for separately. 

How Support Works 

The best way to contact Support is to email us at, or

  • Who is eligible for support?
    • The Standard Edition customers are eligible for free 6 months of technical support starting from the date your order has been fulfilled.
    • Customers who purchased support separately, i.e. Special Edition customers and Standard Edition customers whose 6-mo. technical support period has expired.
    • All customers can report bugs free and are eligible for free bug fixes. Clients with paid support have priority over other clients for bug fixes.
    • Trial version users have limited support. We provide support for trial version users on ‘as time/workload allows’ basis only.
  • What is your bug fix policy?
    • All customers can report bugs free and are eligible for free bug fixes.
    • Clients with paid support have priority over other clients for bug fixes.
  • What is the Response Time for Paid Email Support?
    • The maximum response time for support-related issues is 48 hours due to workload/time zone difference.
    • The average period of support response is 12 hours.
    • In case you have not received any reply to your request after 48 hours, please contact Support again: your email might have been undelivered/killed by spam filters. You can also use your alternative email account on another mail server.
  • How Support Forum Works?
    • We respond to the requests in our The Community Forum whenever we have no pending email support requests from the eligible Standard and Special Edition customers.
    • Forum-based assistance is free for everyone.
    • There are no response time guidelines or standards for free forum-based help and advice.
  • Do we offer support by live chat?
    • Yes, we do. You can easily contact our Support staff clicking the icon “Live Support”, when the status is “Online”. You can find the icon on the main page of the official sites of the WorksForWeb products.
  • Do we offer support by phone?
    • No, not at this time. Due to time zone differences with some of our clients and availability of qualified support staff we decided to perform email- and chat- based support only. This is also done to ensure the adequate review of every user hosting and software environments and to provide a proper resolution to the reported problems.
  • When do we work? What are our working hours?
    • We are opened weekdays only (Monday through Friday), and our working hours are from 0400h-1300h UTC/GMT. Here's a great link to calculate what it corresponds to for your time zone: Worldclock Meeting Scheduler

Support Requests 

We are constantly working on improving the quality and efficiency of our support. One of the simple ways to reduce the response time and to improve the efficiency of our support efforts is to follow the simple guidelines described below:

  • Provide a detailed description of the issue
    Typically, phrases like "that thing doesn't work" do not explain much. Instead, try to give a three to four sentence description of the actions you performed and the result that failed to appear as expected by you. A good example: 'When I click the Search button on page (pageurl), the following error message appears: "Undefined call to system function in module/....." (error_message url).'
  • Copy all error messages and their urls
    We will be able to know exactly where the error appears, and the messages will provide us with enough info to diagnose the problem quicker. Also, one long email with 5 points in it is always better than five short ones with one point in each. We'd rather work on your project instead of sifting through emails.
  • Provide access details to your FTP/hosting account and admin panel
    We do need the following information to check on the server environment you are working in, the software (including all the files installed), and the database in order to resolve some issues: 
  1. Your installation URL for the software
  2. URL to the hosting SP's Cpanel complete with Cpanel user name and password
  3. FTP and/or SSH access details: user name and password
  4. Access to your MySQL database (phpMyAdmin preferred)
  5. Admin name and password for the software back-end

Providing this info with the problem description will allow us to maybe fix the issue before you wake up the next day (taking into account a potential timezone difference) instead of waiting for two days to resolve the hurdles with access. Be sure to change the passwords for your hosting account and the admin panel after we are done. 

Please give us a chance to do something

We fully understand that you have an issue, and we are trying our best to resolve it in the quickest manner possible. Bugs are inevitable, every single piece of software has them, and we all have to deal with that.

However, there may be other people who addressed their issues before you, and we are now working on their stuff. We try to be flexible and to take emergencies into consideration, and let us assure you that as soon as we are available, we will devote our undivided attention to your case. We have the greatest customers on Earth, we simply cannot afford to keep you unhappy.


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