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Examples of Classifieds Ads Theme and Template Customization Services 

At WorksForWeb, we want to make sure your website best shows your company’s personality and image. We know that each business is unique, and needs a website tailored just for them. You can buy a template from another site and have us incorporate it in, or design your own, and we’ll handle the integration. Read below for more informalion on how we can help you!

Our classified scripts come with default templates for the front end of the web site.

However, we realize that the default templates may not suit specific needs of our clients, and as part of our customer satisfaction program, therefore we offer template customization service to every buyer of our products.

Please be aware that we only fit the default system functionality into the template as part of the template customization service. When you need to customize the way search results or other system features work, add additional sections or functions, such changes are considered code customizations and are priced separately. We will always let you know about that and ask for your decision to go for it.

There are two ways of using this service: buying a third party template and submitting your own custom template.

Buying a Third Party Template

We would be happy to integrate third-party templates such as the ones found on

Here are a few examples of website templates suitable for iAuto/ iRealty/ iLister. You will need to purchase the template separately, and we will customize it for you. Please request a quote if you want to customize some templates for Auto Software / Real Estate Solution / Classified Ads Software.

Templates for iAuto - Auto Software

Templates for iRealty - Real Estate Solution

Templates for iLister - General Classified Software

Submitting your own template

We take a template provided by our client, parse and integrate it into the software. As a result, the client gets a whole new look of the web site without any compromise to its functionality. Below are the template requirements:

  • Your template should be in the HTML and/or CSS formats
  • Template design in Photoshop™ PSD format desired
  • Limited support of Flash-based templates - please contact us prior to ordering

Please request a quote for your template by emailing us your template's URL and/or screenshot.

Order a template customization service to demonstrate an authentic look and feel of your web site.

Please request a quote (, or for your template by emailing us your template's URL and/or screenshot.


RTL Templates

Support for RTL (Right To Left) languages (Arabic writing system, Persian and Hebrew scripts) available. Get more info about RTL - themes for WorksForWeb classifieds software.


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"Great job with v.5! Quick bugfix release speed. So far, having played with it for a while, think iAuto is well worth the money I paid for the Standard. The Special Edition had looked nice to start with, but after doing some math I figured the Special is a money drain. Minuscule savings up front and then 99 bucks a year just for upgrades, the unbranding sold separately, etc. Makes a lot more sense to get the all-inclusive Standard version. As far as features and capabilities, iAuto has most of what I needed to start my project.

Absolutely love the credits and all the options that credits can buy like highlight, Sold sign, automatic renewal… Their support guys worked hard to win me while I was trying their product and keep me after I did buy them. Will I recommend iAuto? Absolutely!"



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